A brief bio
of Paul

‘Late bloomer’ describes my early adulthood well. Education and ambition were never a big family priority.
At 18, I started an apprenticeship as shop clerk in a supermarket and finished it after two underwhelming yet thought-provoking years.
Shortly after, I read my first book (voluntary), which was a German version of Malcom Gladwell’s Outliers.
It radically changed my perspective on what matters for success from talent or socioeconomic privilege to effort.
I deliberately implemented the first habit of my life, meditation (big thanks to Meditation for Dummies). Consequently, I became passionate about personal development.
I knew that things had to change or I become miserable. Aware of my poor education (e.g., I was struggling to solve 7-grade math equations), I decided to join a 3-year general education program that would allow me to access university education.

I started off average but worked (relatively) hard and smart (i.e., using holidays to fill knowledge gaps and applying insights from tons of books on learning psychology). By the end of the the three years, I was honored as the top student of my class.
Braunschweig Kolleg
‘Abitur’, A levels
I started university to become high-school teacher in philosophy, politics, economics, and maths — inspired by a teacher that nurtured my potential in the last three years (I was good at teaching because not too long ago I was absolutely clueless about many things).

Same year, I earned a life-changing scholarship from the Studienstiftung, Germany's most prestigious scholarship foundation. With my low-income background, the financial support enabled unlocking many growthful experiences.

During the two years, my dissatisfaction with the rigidity of the school system and uncertainty about my impact on this path for humanity were growing. Consequently, I engaged in some existential soul searching.
University of Konstanz
Bachelor of Arts - BA, Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Studienstiftung Scholarship
“The Studienstiftung is Germany's largest and most prestigious scholarship foundation. The selection process is extremely rigorous and only students with an outstanding academic record and personal promise are chosen.”
Ultimately, I decided to explore my fit and interests more by pursuing a more generalist degree in Management & Economics at one of the most entrepreneurial university in Germany. My interest was strongly focused on social entrepreneurship.
Zeppelin University
Bachelor of Arts – BA, Corporate Management & Economics (4-year degree)
Zeppelin University Scholarship
Highly competitive scholarship to cover the tuition fees for a four-year degree awarded to students with an outstanding academic and social record
My ambitions for social entrepreneurship got sidetracked by an opportunity in change management consulting. Here, I experienced the power of coaching. Immediately after my first session, I realized that coaching is much more effective than any other personal development interventions I’ve tried before.

Thus, I began my journey into coaching as high-impact path to personal and professional development. At the beginning, I coached my friends, which saw remarkable changes. After two years of training, I started coaching professionally and loved it.

In coaching, I reflected on the question of ‘How to make 2016 the greatest year ever?’ It lead to two exchange semester (Korea and Colombia), a 1-month meditation retreat in Nepal, and the start of a YouTube channel to document this journey (published over 120 vids).
Consultant at Timmermann Partners
  • Change management services were provided for major DAX30 companies like BMW.
  • Designing and implementing crucial elements for the successful change, such as change communication programs, change agent networks and improved incentive systems.
  • Analyzing various types of data and synthesizing key findings, such as from in-depth interviews of multiple stakeholders.
  • Designing and delivering internal and external workshops, such as experience-based team and leadership trainings.
  • Onboarding and mentoring of new junior consultants.
  • And more.
Hallym University
Bacherlor of Arts – BA, Semester abroad, Korea, Chuncheon
Bachelor of Arts – BA, Semester abroad, Colombia, Bogota
Life Coach
As I was embarking on my bachelor thesis, I decided that my goal was not only an exceptional thesis but research that has sufficient research and social relevance to be published in a reputable academic journal (which happened two years later).

While I loved coaching, I discovered a new part in me, which is the social scientist. He wants to use the scientific method for change at scale. The result was the start of a PhD at the London School of Economics and Political Science.
  • Research services were provided for major international organizations like Save The Children.
  • Designing and improving qualitative and quantitative data collection tools, such as surveys or assessments in paper, web or mobile form using Open Data Kit and other software.
  • Analyzing large amounts of qualitative data, such as focus group interview data, as well as quantitative data, such as survey or learning assessment data, in R, SPSS and NVivo.
  • Synthesizing key data-based findings and lessons into concise and actionable reports.
  • And more.
Impact Evaluator & Data Analyst at One South, LLC
Master of Arts – MA, Semester abroad, Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro
My research is focused on developing original theory and intellectual models that help practitioners in the digital age to build more beneficial and effective interventions that prevent mental disorder and human suffering and promote mental health, well-being, and human flourishing.
Doctor of Philosophy – PhD, Media and Communication
The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
More recently, I got back to my social entrepreneurship roots. I’m combining my research and coaching expertise to create digital products for humanity’s flourishing at scale.
Founder of Flourishing Humanity Corporation
Working on the launch of two comprehensive apps this year
  • Scientific Self-Discovery - Most Useful Personality Testing
  • Tenacious Tracking - Monitor Your Journey to Greatness Like A Scientist
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