/ Questions for interviews

These are questions I've thought a lot about and have deep experiential insights and unconventional/fresh take on - but haven't had the time to write my expertise down
Why have systems (for personal and professional development)?
How to set up systems? (e.g., knowledge management system, goal-setting system, reflecting and planning system)
Why do coaching?
Who benefits from coaching?
How to find the right coach?
How to identify a good coach?
Why do purposeful and deliberate personal development?
Personal development
How to do it?
What is effective?
Why approach personal development from the n = 1 frame?
What is my take on different theories of impact for human flourishing? What do I think is the most promising path and why?
Flourishing of humanity
What are approaches to learning more effectively?
Which approach do I think is most promising?
What are the ways of thinking about success?

What might be the most promising way?
What role do effort and luck play in success?
How to identify people you should want to learn from?
Role models / mentors
What are theories of well-being and how to best use them to inform your thinking on well-being?

How to deal with social comparisons?
Relating to others
How to relate to other humans wholesomely?

How to deal with and change unconstructive self-talk?
Relation to yourself

How to relate to yourself more wholesomely?
Why are daily habits essential to actualize and manifest your full potential?
Behaviour change & Habit formation
What are useful theories and models of behaviour change and habit formation?
What are effective techniques?
What are useful notions of wisdom?
Wisdom & knowledge
How to cultivate more wisdom?
What is the difference between knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom?
How to think about intelligence?
Why intelligence might be a low-value and even dangerous or harmful concept?
Why is mainstream personality and trait theory most likely wrong?
Psychology & personality
How to think about it more usefully?
Why is the development of character and virtue one of the most promising pathways to a high life-time impact?
Character & virtues
Why impact measurement for personal development interventions is extremely challenging and why most people have naive views on it
Impact measurement

Why people should strive to become nuanced and non-dichotomous thinker
Why increase self-compassion?
How to cultivate self-compassion?
Why self-compassion will not lead to lower performance and worse outcomes despite your fears
Why move from perfectionism to calibrated standards of work?
Calibrated effort
How to do this deliberate practice style?
Why celebration is a superpower for you, your relationships, and your organisation?
How to do it well?
How to make change happen in organisations?
Organizational change
Why putting the right leaders in place is key for organisational change?
Why is leadership important?
How to become a great leader?
Why minimizing life regret is a useful optimization function?
Why are a decade vision and decade goals more useful than the more long-term (e.g., end of life scenarios) or more short-term thinking (e.g., 5-year goals)?
Vision & goals